Carbon Footprint

Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) are gasses in the atmosphere which absorbs and re‐emits heat, thereby making the planet’s atmosphere warmer than it otherwise would be and thus climate change. We all know the negative consequences of climate change particularly in a continent where there’s so much dependence on agriculture.

South Africa is ranked in the worst 20 countries by total emissions of carbon dioxide producing 1.10% of global emissions. There’s a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions throughout the world. The SA government has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and made practical commitments at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

One of the key policy instruments, amongst many, the South African government is using to reduce carbon emissions is the introduction of the Carbon Tax as it is commonly known. The promulgation of this tax on carbon-dioxide-equivalent (CO2-e) emissions had been delayed several times but it was now in the final stages. This carbon tax will see big emitters of GHG paying heavily. It makes business for any enterprise to establish its carbon footprint and determine what possible environmentally friendly initiatives they can engage to mitigate carbon emissions.

The first vital step in the journey to become carbon neutral and reduce the risk of exposure to the punitive carbon tax is carbon footprinting. Besides every business that values issues of sustainability should be engaged in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

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