Green Star Rating

Green Star Rating

The property industry accounts for a large proportion of both energy use and carbon emissions to the environment through building operation and construction procurement. It is estimated that the building and construction sector accounts for 40% of global energy use, 60% of global electricity use and 12% of water use. The sector produces 40% of global waste and is responsible for around 30% of energy related Greenhouse Gas emissions.

As such, green and sustainable building practices are a critical cog in the wheel of efforts to mitigate climate change. It has also been estimated that improved environmental processes and practices in the property sector can achieve up to 50% reduction in the use of extracted materials, 42% reduction in energy use and 35% reduction in GHG emissions.

In addition, greening of building and construction can have a positive impact on employment creation and local economic development, due to the sector’s reliance on local value chains, small and medium sized enterprises and the availability of local technologies and building materials. If managed well, greening of buildings and green construction can be part of a wider strategy towards the creation of green and decent jobs through the promotion of low carbon and climate resilient growth.

The Green Star SA Rating System is a set of standards and benchmarks for green buildings and it allow us to objectively rate and assess just how green a building is. The rating system separately evaluates the environmental initiatives and attributes of building designs; projects and/or buildings based on a number of criteria, including energy and water efficiency, indoor environment quality and resource conservation.

Green Star SA will have rating tools for different phases of the building lifecycle (design, construction, operations/performance, refurbishment or fit-out) and for different building classes (office, retail, healthcare, education, residential, industrial, public buildings etc.).

South African tenants and building users are fast becoming aware of the advantages of the healthier and more productive indoor environments that green buildings offer. The consequence is the increased demand for Green buildings, which leads to increased rental income and property values.

Do you want an assessment of environmental attributes of your building or you are interested in SA Green Star Rating for your building? Please give us a call and we can walk you through the process.